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Electric Universe with traveling sound and vibration

The newest collection at Semper Fitdelis is the Solfeggio Frequencies collection displaying the widely known chakras energy centers of the human body and the frequencies that match each one of these centers. 

The human body has an energy system made up of seven energy centers beginning with the root chakra matched with the frequency 396 HZ responsible for the liberation of fear and shame and guilt.  The second center is the sacral chakra matched up with 417 HZ which is responsible for the undoing of negative situations and helping one to facilitate changes in ones life.  The third energy center is the solar chakra matched up with 528 HZ which is responsible for transformation and miracles through the repairing of your DNA.  This is one of the more popular frequencies also referred to as the love frequency. 

The next energy center is the heart chakra matched up with the 693 HZ frequency.  This combination is responsible for the repairing of relationships through the reopening of the heart energy allowing one to become more social and loving.  The next energy center is the throat chakra attached to the 741 HZ frequency and that is responsible for the opening of emotionally closed individuals allowing for the individual to freely express themselves. Next is the 3rd eye chakra attached to the 852 HZ frequency responsible for reconnecting an individual to spiritual order and awakening there own intuition. 

Lastly is the crown chakra attached to the 963 HZ frequency which was one of the additional frequencies found in the mid 1970's by Dr. Joseph Puleo.  The significance of these findings is to bring us to the original sound scale used in religious times known as "Just Intonation" where the original 6 frequencies plus an additional 3 found later are considered by many musicologists and scientists to have a positive effect on the mind and body.  

Our universe, from the sun to the stars to the device that you’re reading this page on, is made up of energy and vibrations. A musical frequency is simply another form of vibration.

We know that music affects the mind and body. Indeed, that is why music has always been a fundamental part of human existence. From early tribal drumming to modern complex orchestral compositions, music reflects and resonates with life, and promotes wellbeing.

We also know certain frequencies within music have certain effects on the mind, and the body. This is why there are so many music therapy and healing programs available in modern society.  Also ancient Egyptians and other cultures specialized in the usage of sound healing as a primary form of medicine and healing the body.

The Solfeggio scale has the ability to transform wellbeing. It can help reduce emotional and physical ailments, and create a deeper spiritual connection between yourself and the universe. All you have to do is simply listen :)

Copy and paste the links below for more information on the history of the solfeggio scale and all seven frequencies on youtube for your listening pleasure.


History and More Background -


Studies and Research -


Root chakra 396 HZ

Sacral Chakra 417 HZ

Solar Chakra 528 HZ

Heart Chakra 639 HZ

Throat Chakra 741 HZ

3rd Eye Chakra 852 HZ

Crown Chakra 963 HZ

Fidelis Anoka II
Fidelis Anoka II

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